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Jennifer Lyons-Reid and Carl Kuddell are the co-founders and principals of Tallstoreez Productionz Pty Ltd. We are dedicated and experienced TV producers, filmmakers, educators, media activists and artists. Besides producing for TV since 2002, we focus on innovative media for social change and engage with communities through relevant film making and digital media training.

Our award winning work has been sold and exhibited globally and is distributed across multiple territories. Recent TV productions include a science series for SBS, Sundance Channel, NZTV, UKTV, a 10-part mini-series for ABC TV and several award-winning half-hour documentaries. Tallstoreez outstanding entrepreneurial spirit was recognized with the national AAMI Best New Business Award 2006.

Please click here for a copy of our most recent Curriculum Vitae.

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Carl Kuddell

Carl Kuddell - Managing Director Tallstoreez Productionz

Carl Kuddell is the Executive Producer and Managing Director of Tallstoreez Productionz, an award-winning TV, new media and education SA company, and its Change Media empowerment initiative. Carl likes creative challenges, mind-altering art and TV and innovative education. His many careers span across TV, theatre, writing, sculpture, law, carpentry and social justice activism.

Carl’s film making debut, Holiday Camp, has been translated into 8 languages and is still screening globally after 8 years. Together with Jennifer Lyons-Reid he sees huge potential in democratizing digital media and providing access for disengaged youth and their communities to skill up and share their stories.

Credits include:

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Jennifer Lyons-Reid

Jennifer Lyons-ReidJennifer Lyons-Reid (BSc, Dip.Ed, QiG) is the Artistic Director of Tallstoreez Productionz; a multi-award winning TV, new media and education company. Jen loves fun, social impact film-making, innovative education, public art and creative collaborations. Jen’s creative zeal radiates from her eclectic experiences and joie de vivre. Alongside her TV directorial work, Jen has conducted hundreds of video workshops across Australia and supported communities to produce insightful films for the Change Media network [formerly know as the Hero Project].

Credits include:

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Felix Weber

Felix WeberFelix Weber is the digital media whiz kid at Tallstoreez Productionz. What no one can fix, he laughs at.

He was responsible for the award winning interactive features of 10×14 Bricks – Stories from Youth in Lock-up, and is currently building Tallstoreez new websites and user-friendly content management systems, using his skills in HTML, CSS and PHP.

He works across multiple platforms from video post-production [Final Cut, Motion, After Effects] to digital imaging [Photoshop, InDesign] and content delivery for web and DVD.

He also is one of Tallstoreez hands-on youth mentors and trainers, supporting communities to produce high impact digital effects and DVDs as part of the Change Media media network.

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Johanis Lyons-Reid

Johanis Lyons-ReidJohanis Lyons-Reid is one of Tallstoreez key production assistants and camera operators.

After studying film at Flinders University, he is now working on a long form graphic novel and animation. Johanis also is a peer-trainer, talented actor and host for our award-winning filmn training resource Direcitng the Hero Within.

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Francesca Da Rimini

Francesca Da Rimini is one of Tallstoreez long term arts & culture advisors. The co-founder of acclaimed new media feminist project VNS Matrix, her career spans video, new media arts, social justice activism and academia. Find out more about Francesca here.

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