Transform public spaces with new media art

Tallstoreez has earned a strong reputation nationally as progressive contemporary new media art practitioners, who embrace and critically explore interactive, screen-based and digital projection art within the public sphere. Their work shows their keen ability to stretch the common understanding and implementation of public art.

  • Love Referendum – interactive alternative reality game for public realm, in development, supported by Arts SA Public Art, and Adelaide Fringe
  • Adelaide Bites – 10 experimental short films for public screens, by SA youth sharing stories about Adelaide, part of Love Referendum, supported by Adelaide City Council
  • Second to None – a master-class / large-scale video projections for Kurruru Indigenous Youth Theatre’s Indigenous performance for the 2007-08 Pt. Adelaide Festival.
  • dreamcatcher – Adelaide Fringe 06 work sculptures, projections and postcard competition, funded by Zero Waste SA and Adelaide Fringe].
  • Human Pastures – Adelaide City Council / ANAT]
  • Love Alert – a contributory x-media public art experience funded through Arts SA Public Art and the Adelaide City Council
  • – an interactive public video projection / performance on surveillance & body image, commissioned for the Adelaide City Council Public Art Program
  • Dark Heart – City of Light: 3 interactive video-installations on fear & art, in collaboration with PVI collective for their TTS Australia project, Perth, and mentor Craig Walsh, Brisbane; financially supported through Arts SA’s Established Artists Fund ,2005
  • meltdown – the rise & fall of empire: video projection, SALA 2004
  • A cheap holiday in other people’s misery: interactive installation, SALA 2003

If you are interested in exhibiting our art and video installations, please email us and we can arrange to send you our showreel.

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Love Referendum

(Click to view larger image)

Developed as an interactive alternative reality game ARG for public realm, the initial phase included a series of video clips, viral postcards and an interactive website.Is Adelaide in the grip of a potentially fatal pandemic called lovesickness? Has it become a sentimental slave to romance or a slick metropolis for the cool and uncaring? In an urgent call to action, the Department of Deliberation is conducting a statewide referendum in December 2007. It will ask the public to decide whether they are lovestruck or lovesick. Results will be tallied and citizens will be officially (and spectacularly) notified during opening night of the 2008 Adelaide Fringe.

Watch the viral video mobile campaign clips here:

Watch – Ebola
Watch – Have Your Say
Watch – Timmy

Love Referendum was supported by Arts SA Public Art

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Adelaide Bites

10 experimental short films for public screens, by SA youth sharing stories about Adelaide, part of Love Referendum, supported by Adelaide City Council

Watch – Adelaide Bites

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Second to None

Tallstoreez conducted a master class with the Kurruru Indigenous Youth Theatre and Vital Statistix teams to produce a series of large-scale video projections for their joint Second to None performance, for the 2007-08 Port Adelaide Festival.

back to top – consuming the gaze is an interactive new media performance for the Adelaide CBD, which explores notions of the ‘see-thru’ citizen, body/gender politics and surveillance.

Initially created as 2 roving cyborgs, became part of the development of the Love Referendum ARG and performance. was commissioned by the Adelaide City Council Public Art Program

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A public video projection, limited series of 20 unique resin sculptures and 2000 postcards competition across South Australia.

Marvel at the sheer beauty of a dancing plastic bag, the most ‘beautiful thing’ on a magical flight through the City of Adelaide. It twirls to a modern Pied Piper’s tune, peddling imperishable dreams and subtly transforms the City’s structures, leaving behind small icons of suburban utopia.

Dreamcatcher is testament to our capacity to see beauty in the mundane and dangerous, and just when you think its over, the bag lifts again, sporting its insignia: Eternity.

Dreamcatcher sculptures

Grotesque yet strangely alluring… Recent archaeological digs in Adelaide [code named dreamcatcher] have uncovered several petrified objects from an epoch which the Dreamcatcher Museum have classified as ‘Oil Age: Plastic Era’. The objects appear to be flimsy plastic vessels. Historians believe they were used for trade and exchange and were probably associated with human sacrifice and mass rituals.

The limited series of 20 unique sculptures, lusciously translucent and seductively textural, are made from plastic bags - stamped with Eternity - each manipulated and set in a large block of glassy resin, with its own custom made iron stand, labeled with the work’s edition number. Only 10 sculptures were publicly auctioned as part of the Adelaide Fringe 2007.

If you are interested to buy one of the remaining artworks or want to exhibit the work, please email us

Commissioned for the Surface Tension Public Art Program of the Adelaide City Council and Australian Network for Art & Technology; as part of the 2006 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

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Dark Heart – City of Light

3 site specific interventionist, public video projections about the fear of terror:

created for the tts-australia bus tour, a nationwide performance by PVI collective, Perth.

Over 10 nights the works interacted with theatre performers, audience and the public, using mobile projectors at 3 different locations.

The series was developed during a mentorship with Craig Walsh, Brisbane, financially supported through Arts SA’s Established Artists Fund.

Watch – Dark Heart
Watch – Dark Heart – Behind the Scenes

Terrorist Training School Australia

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Human Pastures

3-week shop-front video projection; waltz through the weekly ritual of grazing the aisles – from a child’s perspective, chained to the trolley on a consumer roller-coaster, experience the visual extravaganza of product placements.

Commissioned for the Luminosity Public Art Program of the Adelaide City Council and Australian Network for Art & Technology ANAT.

Find more images at:

Watch – Human Pastures

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meltdown – the rise & fall of empire

Shop-front video projection, for SALA 2004. Life size plastic toy soldiers with guns meltdown and resurrect into a tank as a petrol pump meter counts the fuel consumption.

Watch – Meltdown – the rise & fall of empire

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a cheap holiday in other people’s misery

Interactive video-installation for SALA 2003. A large screen projection of the harrowing scenes from the Woomera detention prison breakout in 2002 loops to the Australian national anthem, Advance Australia Fair. In the foreground a ‘photo-wall’ offers a photo opportunity for the audience and a TV monitor on the lounge chair captures the audience reactions to the event.

Watch – a cheap holiday in other people’s misery

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