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Innovative education outreach programs – 21st Century skills:

Newsflash: Change Media has won the prestigious Kookaburra Award 2010 for Best Community Project in Australia, selected from over 700 entries nationally!

We are market leaders in community empowerment through digital media: since 2004 we have delivered over 350 workshops with over 3500 participants across Australia, with a strong focus on empowering marginalized communities.
Our participants are trained in all aspects of video production by professional filmmakers and educators. The community and youth teams have produced hundreds of youth mini-documentaries and dramas, creating fascinating and engaging snapshots of their worlds. The participants range across all ages, social and ethnic backgrounds. Tallstoreez also have a track record working with remote Indigenous communities to produce relevant films for their communities and provide targeted education for Indigenous youth.

Find out more about Change Media – Stories Brought to life here:

Tallstoreez also specializes in high impact educational resource DVDs and manuals:

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10×14 Bricks

Watch the 10×14 Bricks – Stories From Youth In Lock-Up trailer here

A groundbreaking crime prevention DVD kit ideal for educators and youth workers.

WINNER Best Innovation in Digital Media, South Australian Screen Awards 2009

The complete juvenile crime prevention kit is now available on DVD: Click here to buy the DVD .

This interactive resource comes with session planners, activities, and additional support material making it easy to use for teachers and youth workers. It is a fantastic tool to generate group & class discussions about crime, justice, values and peer pressure. Talking about the choices that led to crime and its consequences open possibilities for learning, growth and change. The Federal Attorney General’s Department has identified the Hero Project initiative 10×14 Bricks as ‘new territory for supporting youth at risk’.

10×14 Bricks – Stories from Youth in Lock-up was produced in a juvenile secure care facility over a 5-week intensive workshop led by The Hero Project team. Participants learned essential 21st Century digital media skills to create crime prevention messages for their peers that have teachers and youth workers raving. In candid meet-the-director documentaries and in their own films young offenders share their life choices about crime and the consequences. The interactive on-screen ‘Talk Points’ for each DVD chapter help trigger specific discussions to support personal growth and change, it will inspire and challenge us all.

There are many reasons why teenagers might be involved in risky behavior that can lead them to commit a crime. This DVD is intended to raise this discussion with a teenage audience, so they can consider the impact of their choices and discuss relevant strategies to avoid offending.

Watch all 10×14 Bricks films and behind-the-scenes documentaries here.

Connect choices to consequences:
Shane is 15, he knows it is not fun in lock up but he keeps coming back. What does he need to do to break the cycle?

Explore anger and self-control:
Bayden is 17, after a drunken night he woke up in a police cell charged with attempted murder. What does he need to do to control his anger?

Strategies to recognize risky choices:
Sam is 18, he regrets committing armed robbery to finance a drug debt. What does he need to do to avoid future events that could lead to crime?
What is the impact of your offence on you, your family, your victims?

Anxiety experienced in lock-up:
Robert is 18, he feels like he is trapped in a cage, waiting for the day he can leave. What can he do to make his dreams become reality?

Strategies to stay out:
Greg is 17, he is ‘just an Indigenous boy trying to get through life and come out on top’. What does he need to do to stay out of trouble? What support is available?

10×14 Bricks is now ready for global distribution for use in schools, youth groups, secure care facilities and is invaluable viewing for adults working in the juvenile justice system.

Special launch discount: AUS: $100 ex GST plus postage – USA: $65 USD plus postage

‘The 10×14 Bricks DVD not only provides an account of crime prevention strategies from the ‘world of the young offender’ but has provided the Department with an ideal medium and resource for new recruits and graduates who are wanting to work with Indigenous young offenders and the juvenile justice system. The DVD has great potential to be used as a tool for the Department’s induction process when new recruits commence working in the Indigenous Justice arena.’
[James Armitage, Regional Coordinator, SA Indigenous Policy & Service Delivery Branch, Attorney-General's Department]

Writer, director, producer: Jennifer Lyons-Reid and Carl Kuddell
Camera and sound: Carl Kuddell
Editor: David Banbury, Jennifer Lyons-Reid and Carl Kuddell
Graphic effects and interactive DVD design: Felix Weber
Music: Piri Eddy

10×14 Bricks was produced with the support of the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department and the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

Selected screenings and awards:

  • South Australian Screen Awards 2009: Winner: Best Innovation in Digital Media, also nominated for Best Cinematography, and Best Editing
  • MyMob Exhibtion 2009 Adelaide Festival Centre
  • 4th National Indigenous Justice Forum, Adelaide 2009
  • Australasian Correctional Education Association Conference Perth 2009
  • Australian Secondary Principals Conference Adelaide 2009

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Directing the Hero Within

The complete education kit is now available on DVD and CDRom: Buy Directing the Hero Within DVD kit here.

Directing the Hero Within has won the ATOM Awards 2006 for ‘Best Instructional / Training Resource’. The DVD & Teacher’s Starter Kit Package, workshops and PD sessions provide a hands-on introduction to digital media literacy across all stages of production; from first idea to finished film.


The 120-min DVD resource features:

  • 9 films made by young people
  • 6 behind-the-scenes documentaries showcasng the process
  • 11 training modules covering the basics of digital video production
  • 50-page manual with easy lesson plans and fun worksheets In a format that is relevant and entertaining to young people, the project covers:
    Storytelling, Camera, Sound, Screen Language, Editing & Screening.

    There are also professional tips on storytelling devices, identifying your audience, the ethics of filmmaking, media analysis, editing wizardry and web distribution.

9 short films on the DVD showcase the rich talent of Australia’s regional young people. By following the behind-the-scenes clips the viewer is rewarded with delightful insights into the filmmaker’s own learning and plus they themselves find the inspiration to make their own digital story.

A 10-week curriculum guide supports teachers and youth workers to get the most out of digital media with their group or class.

The workshops and the DVD & Educator’s Starter Kit package is designed for classrooms, emerging filmmakers and youth groups. It is suitable for the absolute beginner or those who want to skill up on a particular aspect of digital storytelling. Featuring dramatic regional landscapes, a dynamic young host and a funky design the Directing the Hero Within package is a high quality digital media experience to make great films with your class!

Change Media is leading the way in:

  • promoting media literacy as a core learning tool
  • supporting peer education and identity building
  • developing new strategies for school retention
  • providing media literacy programs across the curriculum
  • bridging the digital gap using IT and social documentary
  • investing in creative digital learning tools
  • supporting youth participation

Selected screenings and awards:

  • Winner ATOM Award 2006 ‘Best Learning Resource’
  • Finalist AIMIA Awards 2007 ‘Best Education’
  • Finalist SA Screen Awards 2007 ‘Best Digital Media’

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Watch the 6-min web version of the film here

22min peer-produced documentary for NITV 2010, in collaboration with the Ngarrinderi communities at Camp Coorong, Meningie and Raukkan

The DVD is now available for sale online: Click here to buy your DVD now. All profits go directly the Ngarrindjeri Media Centre.

The powerful documentary ‘NUKKAN.KUNGUN.YUNNAN – Ngarrindjeri’s being heard’, presents the real impact global issues such as climate change have on the Coorong and its Aboriginal people.

The Ngarrindjeri’s culture and traditions are threatened by the effects of draught and climate change on their environment – their culture is one of the oldest on earth. Their ancestral lands along the mouth of the river Murray and its coastal lagoon systems, is one of the most bio-diverse areas in Australia.

The Ngarrindjeri youth team decided to take control of their own story: They conducted over 15 interviews with their elders to create a short, effective documentary that has attracted the interest of Australia’s Minister for the Environment. Their effort was celebrated at the last International Women’s Peace Conference in Sydney, where the young women presented to 270 participants from all over the world. Their film has won 2 awards at the International MyHero Film Festival in Los Angeles in November 2009 and will air in 2010 on NITV [National Indigenous TV] across Australia.

Mentored by the Hero Project and driven by Ngarrindjeri youth, who have never made a film before, this emotionally charged film not only examines the effects on culture, but raises the important question, what are we doing now, while presented with one of the biggest challenges of our times, to save our environment and ancient living cultures?

The youth team distributed over 1000 copies to the public, politicians and activists, and decided to take part in a 3-year leadership program, to become the first Indigenous community empowerment trainers as part of the Hero Project’s national outreach. They are committed to empowering other Indigenous nations and people all over to tell their own stories when and how they want.

Selected screenings and awards:

  • New York Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2010
  • National Indigenous TV 2010
  • MyHero International Film Festival USA 2009 – 3rd Prize Community Category, Winner Special Recommendation Award for Ngarrindjeri Elder Tom Trevorrow
  • MyMob Exhibtion 2009 Adelaide Festival Centre

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Underage Drinking Project

Watch 9 Steps To Become A Successful Underage Drinker

An award winning educational DVD resource, produced in collaboration with the Be Cool Be Smart project, Mallee Health Inc and Karoonda Area School.

A fabulous discussion starter about underage drinking: The award-winning ‘9 Steps to Become a Successful Underage Drinker’ is a comedic take on ‘how-to­’ videos and drug education with a high impact end that will have your students talking for days. Goose bumps guaranteed!

Using humour and a satirical reversal this DVD drives a serious punch and comes with an urgently needed resource pack to support teachers and youth workers to tackle the issues of underage drinking.

The DVD is now available for sale: Click here to buy  the DVD online.

Selected screenings and awards:
Winner Best State Award Regional Community Project South Australia 2007

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Drawing on the Hero Within

Drawing on the Hero Within is an empowering cartooning program, to challenge abusive behaviour and bullying in Primary and Middle Schools

In a format that is relevant and entertaining to young people, this fantastic cartooning kit is an easy to use entry into cartooning, basic drawing skills, graphical storytelling and story-boarding. Its unique character development method is based on the example of super heroes – a great tool to address issues of self esteem, social behaviour and bullying.

The complete kit is now available as e-book on CDROM through Change Media – click here to buy your copy online.
Drawing on the Hero Within ISBN: 0 646 37707 8

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