Moogy’s Yuki

A 27min Change Media documentary, produced in collaboration with  the South East Natural Resource Management Board, Major Moogy Sumner and the Aboriginal Focus Group, supported by Arts SA Partnerships for Healthy Communities, DEWHA Indigenous Cultural Support and the Australia Council for the Arts Community Partnerships.

The DVD is now available through our Change Media webshop.

The emotionally charged documentary ‘Moogy’s Yuki – Moogy’s Bark Canoe’, documents the making of the first bark canoe on Boandik country in over 100 years. This evocative educational River Red Gum DVD combines Caring for Country best practice with hands-on transmission of traditional culture.

During the production in Kalangadoo [Big Trees in Water] and Millicent members of the Tal-Kin-Jeri group, Indigenous students and community members from across South East SA learned skills in film narrative, interview & editing techniques and experienced a once-in-a-lifetime event.

This project built on the success of the first workshop in May 2010. The canoe along with the DVD will be exhibited in Millicent and Mt. Gambier and at the OurMob exhibition, Adelaide Festival Centre. The Age and local WIN TV ran stories about the project and Tallstoreez will present the final documentary to ABC or NITV for broadcast.

This documentary for the South East Natural Resource Management Board includes traditional cultural knowledge about caring for river red gums, the making a traditional Ngarrindjeri bark canoe and the emotional journeys of 3 generations of Indigenous men who participated in the project. Its narrative combines canoe making techniques from taking the bark off the tree, to curing and preparing the bark canoe for water launch, with environmental and Indigenous knowledge about Caring for Country.

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