Nukkan.Kungun.Yunnan – Ngarrindjeri’s Being Heard

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A 22min peer-produced documentary for NITV 2010, in collaboration with the Ngarrinderi communities at Camp Coorong, Meningie and Raukkan.

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The powerful documentary ‘NUKKAN.KUNGUN.YUNNAN – Ngarrindjeri’s being heard’, presents the real impact global issues such as climate change have on the Coorong and its Aboriginal people.

The Ngarrindjeri’s culture and traditions are threatened by the effects of draught and climate change on their environment – their culture is one of the oldest on earth. Their ancestral lands along the mouth of the river Murray and its coastal lagoon systems, is one of the most bio-diverse areas in Australia.

The Ngarrindjeri youth team decided to take control of their own story: They conducted over 15 interviews with their elders to create a short, effective documentary that has attracted the interest of Australia’s Minister for the Environment. Their effort was celebrated at the last International Women’s Peace Conference in Sydney, where the young women presented to 270 participants from all over the world. Their film has won 2 awards at the International MyHero Film Festival in Los Angeles in November 2009 and aired in 2010 on NITV [National Indigenous TV] across Australia. In 2010 the New York Human Rights Watch Film Festival selected the documentary to screen as part of their Youth Producing Change program.

Mentored by our Change Media mentors Jennifer Lyons-Reid, Carl Kuddell and Felix Weber, and driven by Ngarrindjeri youth, who have never made a film before, this emotionally charged film not only examines the effects on culture, but raises the important question, what are we doing now, while presented with one of the biggest challenges of our times, to save our environment and ancient living cultures?

The youth team distributed over 1000 copies to the public, politicians and activists, and decided to take part in a 3-year leadership program, to become the first Indigenous community empowerment trainers as part of the Hero Project’s national outreach. They are committed to empowering other Indigenous nations and people all over to tell their own stories when and how they want.

Selected screenings and awards:

  • Winner of the inaugural Kookaburra Award 2010 for Best Community Project
  • New York Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2010
  • National Indigenous TV 2010
  • MyHero International Film Festival USA 2009 – 3rd Prize Community Category, Winner Special Recommendation Award for Ngarrindjeri Elder Tom Trevorrow
  • MyMob Exhibtion 2009 Adelaide Festival Centre

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